Simulation of Reindeer Logistics and Parcel Delivery

Before Christmas, we are in the SCM-Lab not only working on conveyors, forklifts and AGVs – our research is focussed on the proof of concept for parcel delivery: Santas reindeers are hungry and need to be fed. Each eating acitvity restores some energy. After the feeding, Santas elves take care of the empty trays and bring them to a storage area, where they are carried away by a transporter. Twice a day the reindeers have a training session, which consumes a lot of energy. Our research question is: Can you get Santas reindeers ready for Christmas? Or does Christmas hast to be cancelled this year?

Simulation: Marvin Auf der Landwehr, Vanessa Hinrichs; Video: Marvin Auf der Landwehr

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